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How to Skin Products

Skin Types

Dry Skin - Best if used daily.

Normal to Oily Skin - Best if used weekly or focus on applying to those attention needing areas.


Body Butter

Scoop out the amount you’d like to use (we do recommend about a dime-size at a time), give it a second or two to melt in your hand. Apply it to your body- all over or in the areas that seem to need the most attention (such as feet, elbows, knees, etc.). Take your time when massaging into your skin to prevent from feeling greasy. Use daily or as needed.


Intense Hydrating Treatment using your favorite Body Butter

Apply it to your body right before bed. For the best results and most importantly the best benefits, you'll want to apply the Body Butter right after a warm shower to seal in the moisture that remains on your skin- don’t forget to dry-off between the shower and applying!

Treating Skin Conditions

Body Butter can aid with chapped skin, eczema, psoriasis, and sunburn. We offer made to order unscented, fragrance free Body Butters.

Always check with your healthcare provider before using body butter to treat a medical condition.

Bath Bombs

Place the unwrapped bath bomb in to your bath water. Fizzing and bubbles will begin, the bomb will dissolve releasing all the beneficial oils and salts, so take a deep breath and enjoy the aroma.It’s relax time!